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John Bel for Louisiana Campaign

John Bel for Louisiana Campaign

In early 2014 we were approached by State Representative John Bel Edwards to assist him on his campaign for Governor. We couldn’t have been happier to assist him on what will prove to be a long and tough Governor’s race.

Update: This site has been moved over to the NGP platform and is no longer the original design seen in this post.

Campaign Website

John Bel For Louisiana

Built on clean design and an industry standard F-pattern, the site is full of actionable items for the user. The priority for the candidate was the user watching the featured youTube video, which informs the user on the experience and history of Mr.Edwards. Design was built on the Nationbuilder platform for extensive backend capabilites to serve them as election day approaches. The site also stays true to John Bel’s brand with strong use of the campaigns colors and fonts.

Campaign Branding

John Bel For Louisiana

In Louisiana, it’s tough to get away from iconic symbols like the fleur-de-lis, so we used it in ways to accentuate the brand and over all design. It to give each item its own unique character while still remaining true to the brand and spirit of the campaign.



August 2, 2015


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