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Virtual Reality and Motion Graphics

I Seriously Doubt You are Ready for this…

Like most groundbreaking technology, VR is rolling in slowly. It’s already been through multiple iterations and improvements but, despite it’s leaps and bounds, the average person still thinks it is a long off hypothetical. Well turn on your google machine and take a look… it’s here. Ok, not right here, but around the corner. I’m not alone in this. A recent article posted by¬†Bloomberg compares the future of VR to the recent history of smartphones… an explosion.

``...the possibility is that virtual and augmented reality (AR) will become an $80 billion market within 10 years`` - Bloomberg (March 3, 2016)

So what does that mean for us? A CRAZY future. I recently finished a novel that revolves around the theme of VR and its impact on society. If you haven’t read it pick up a copy of Ready Player One here (& no I don’t get a cut for sending you). Check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. First it’s fiction then it becomes reality. Hope thats not the case for this…¬†

The applications for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are endless. You could provide VR cockpit training for helicopter pilots with motion graphics directing them toward the proper steps to prepare for an emergency landing or you could show your clients the inside of the new custom engine you created from the point of view of an ant… this gets really fun. But what makes it even better is that industry standard softwares are already developing ways for content creators (like myself) to create VR material. I look forward to the VR revolution and the opportunities it will lend.

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